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August 22, 2016

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My first post!

August 22, 2016



Hello all you lovely people. I've been wanting to start a blog for the longest time ever, but I'm such a procrastinator. Every time I ever open my laptop I somehow end up on Netflix, and occasionally Hulu. At least I'm here now! I'm not sure how to write my first blog post.. Should it be something interesting, should it be an all about me like we do on the first day of school? I'm not quite sure, so I'll just tell you about today, which is also my first day of college. How exciting.


I first woke up and made sure I had everything in my bag, not like paper and pencils, I had to make sure I brought my lipstick, deodorant, a charger, my headphones, perfume, all that stuff. I've been told i'm like Mary Poppins. I have almost anything you ever need right on my back.



Anyways, it's weird being here. Everyone's older and I still feel, and look, like a child. The other day at target someone asked me if I was going to be a junior in high school, ouch.

Maybe it's because of my height. I'm pretty short, and the same height as my 11 year old giant sister.


I spent 1/4 of my time at school actually in class and the rest of the time on my laptop waiting for my cousin to pick me up on his way home so I can leave. I've never wanted to throw my laptop on the floor so badly before. I genuinely got so bored and had nothing to do on my laptop so I spent half an hour searching what people actually do on computers. Has anyone ever even done that?


I ended up just spending the rest of my time there time watching lab rats, like the child I am, and trying to fill up my phone memory with pictures without looking like a creep. 




And guess what!!




It was only the first day and I already had a teacher who was putting me to sleep. Oh joy. 



The only good part of the day was finally leaving school, getting ice cream with my sister and eating two bowls of cereal while watching the Even Stevens movie, say it with me now, like the child I am. 


(By the way, I feel the need to point out that that's my sisters ice cream, and finger. I hate chocolate. Her ice cream just looked much better than mine)


Well, there goes my first post! Thanks for reading.x -A

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